What about misleading or fraudulent claims?
The current systems allow individuals to make anonymous calls to report crimes from pay phones and often with the expectation of a reward. By requiring individuals to register online and offering no reward we believe that this will result in far less misleading or fraudulent claims being made.

What about the Police?
The police should always be immediately contacted and appropriate police procedure adhered to, including reporting the crime. HelpSolveMyCrime is similar to Crime Stoppers, an additional service relying on the public to help stop, solve and prevent crime in the community.

Am I entitled to Crime Compensation?
For further details regarding crime compensation please go to: http://victimsofcrime.com.au/

Why use Social Media?
Gathering information in such a fashion is a phenomenon happening all over the world, exemplified in the recent Boston Bombings, where the community contributed significant photographic and other material. The Australian police have also recently commenced using social media, and Facebook in particular, to engage with the public via such programs as Eyewatch. Eyewatch aims to empower the community to participate in crime prevention activities and ensure community safety. The Centre Against Sexual Assault have launched an app called Sexual Assault Report Anonymously (SARA), as an alternative for people who do not want to go to the police, allowing victims to supply footage of an attack as well as the GPS coordinates where it occurred. Also in Australia there is an app for people who are experiencing domestic and family violence called Aurora, which has the ability to create a trusted network of friends who can be easily contacted in situations of distress. In London the police have launcher Facewatch, an app to be used by the public to help identify criminal suspects.

What other benefits?
All crime is traditionally under-reported, with a conservative estimate of only about 25% of crime being reported. It is hoped that HelpSolveMyCrime will encourage more people to report crime. Citizens are the “eyes and ears” of the community and their experiences with criminal activity relayed through social media now gives a whole new meaning to “community policing.”

What about Missing People?
HelpSolveMyCrime can also be used to help locate missing people in much the same way as reporting a crime. Simple login and in the Report Page describe what you know about the incident, together with a photo of the missing person, and ask the community to help you locate this person.

What about Property?
If youn have had anything stolen, such as a motor vehicle, post the details and let the community help find your property. Also when considering purchasing second hand goods, such as a motor vehicle, this site may be used to check if the item has been reported stolen.

What about Neighbourhood Watch?
The philosophy behind HelpSolveMyCrime is similar to that of Neighbourhood Watch, ‘bringing people together to create safer and vibrant communities, where people feel empowered, informed, protected and engaged with one another and with local Police’.

What are some of the Duties of the User?
In accessing or using the HelpSolveMyCrime Web Site the User shall not:
1. harm other persons, in particular minors, or infringe their personal rights;
2. breach public morality in its manner of use;
3. violate any intellectual property right or any other proprietary right;
4. upload any contents containing a virus, so-called Trojan Horse, or any other program that could damage data;
5. transmit, store or upload hyperlinks or contents to which the User is not entitled, in particular in cases where such hyperlinks or contents are in breach of confidentiality obligations or unlawful; or
6. distribute advertising or unsolicited e-mails (so-called “spam”) or inaccurate warnings of viruses, defects or similar material and the User shall not solicit or request the participation in any lottery, snowball sys-tem, chain letter, pyramid game or similar activity.